Safety and Healthy

Protocol for Arrivals in Greece

In the following link of Greek Government, you will find all the information and obligations regarding your travel to Greece.


Villa Flora covid-19 guidelines

The safety and wellbeing of our staff, guests and suppliers is our number one priority and it is for this reason we will be implementing and following the current Government Guidelines.
We all have a responsibility to continue to observe these guidelines and therefore no guests, staff or suppliers should arrive at the hotel if they have any of the symptoms of COVID-19.

All signage displayed must be read and adhered to.

This information will be displayed and amended in line with the latest Government Guidelines.

Villa Flora apartments guidelines :
  • Bookings will be canceled if guests have symptoms of COVID_19 the last 3 days before their arrival day.
  • When our guests will arrive in our apartments should complete a form with their personal info and agree with held by for 3 months
  • We have a housekeeping who will carry out frequent cleaning using antiviral disinfectant and sanitiser throughout the apartments focusing on points of high contact and use.
  • The housekeeping diligently disinfect and clean Villa Flora apartments.
  • All rooms will be cleaned using antiviral disinfectant and sanitiser and single use cloths.
  • Hotel linen will be thermally disinfected to GR healthcare standards.
  • Housekeeping will not refresh maisonettes during guests’ stay. When will be requested we will give to our guests new disinfected linen.
  • The used linen will be taken off by guests and guests are kindly requested to put them on a plastic bag and to give them to the housekeeper.
  • Where possible, Villa Flora apartments will be left fallow for 24 hours in between cleaning and the arrival off next guest.
  • Face masks will be available upon request.
  • Individual sanitisers will be provided for guests in the apartments.
  • On arrival guests will be able to take their temperature using a  thermometer.
  • Breakfast (in Loukoulos restaurant) will be available, when this has been booked.
  • Breakfast’s trays will be delivered to Villa Flora guest’s and the door knocked to indicate delivery. Trays will be collected from outside the Maisonette.
Villa Flora’s Stuff :
  • Where appropriate PPE will be provided Villa Flora’ members and recorded daily health checks including individual temperature checks which will be recorded confidentially.
  • Every week all our stuff’s members will do a rapid test.
Social Distancing:
  • As mentioned previously it is the responsibility of us as a business and all of us as individuals to follow Government Guidelines with regards to social distancing (more than 2m between us).